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Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network

This hotline is for eligible veterans and service members( including National Guard and Reserves), spouses and their dependents residing in Illinois


Veterans Justice Outreach

If you're convicted of a crime that's not a felony find your local representative to help you through your case.


Consumer Financial 

Protection Bureau

If you feel a company or corporation has exploited your military service give them a call or file a complaint online.


Employment Resources:

Employment Resources
New York Office


American Corporate Partners is an organization that connects veterans with senior management for mentorship, internships, and/or career advancement.

Illinos Department of Employment Security


The Illinois Department of Employment Security offers a Veterans track to give veterans preference in job opportunities.


VOC - Rehab

This program is run by your local VA Medical Center and can help place you in a Government or Civillian career.  Contact your primary care provider to find out more

Eagle Flying

Other Resources: 


This is an amazing organization that take the healing power of nature to help veterans.  This is a one time all expenses paid excursion to some of the greatest places in the United States.


If you have a hard time understanding people on the phone this is the organization for you.  You can get a free talk to text phone.


Helping veterans connect and stay active in your local community.

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Free gym memberships for veterans to build self esteem and combat the 22 veterans suicides a day.

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